Sunday, June 04, 2006

I should be working, doing laundry, housework...

Good for me that Michael just told me he set up our first piece of cyberspace. I can't possibly work now.

So what's the best practice to introduce yourself on a blog?
We live in Austin, have two fantastic puppy companions, Merlin (browndog) and Maebeaux (spottydog)--pronounced MAY-bo--for whom we are total suckers, and we both work a lot. Mike works in law; I work in public affairs.

We hooked up about 8 years ago and have been kicking ass ever since.

We've been in Austin about a year and a half. We bought a house about 8 months ago but have since fallen in love with Austin's latest not-so-best-kept secret, Agave, a contemporary green neighborhood shaped by some of the most clever architects in the region. That's the downside of having a close friend in real estate.
Soooo...we're selling our house and buying in to Agave. Our future home is a dandy one-story designed by FAB Architecture (For A Better Archtecture).

So we may eat it on the front end trying to sell our current house but it looks like we're going into Agave with some equity before the slab is poured. That's the rumor anyway - sales tactic? Possibly.

I do need to finish some work so I'll leave it at that. We'll be back soon. All, have a great Sunday afternoon.


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