Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Inspect Tour

We had a home inspector out to the Fab hab to give us the skinny on any issues we had not subscribed to. He pointed out some things that our builder had informed us about, but also caught several (minor) ones that were new(s) to us. I highly recommend spending the few hundred bucks to get it done. Caveat emptor, as they say.

The biggest issue has to do with the "grading" of the property. Although the home got a C+, the ground around got an F. Serious drainage issues. It will be interesting to see how agave is going to handle that one. I had a friend who looked at a home in The Villas (down the street/same developer). He put an offer on a home, subject to a backyard drainage issue being taken care of. They refused to do anything about it. He bought in another area of Austin.

On another note, we should be having a pre-drywall walk through soon. March 30 is quickly approaching. I'm curious to see what our next closing date will be. I'm betting anywhere between June and August. I guess I should be thankful. There are others who signed contracts almost a year ago and still don't have a foundation poured. That gets an F too; or better yet - a WTF.


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