Sunday, October 01, 2006

Taking shape

Happy October! This year is flying by.

Our house is finally taking shape. The walls are up and the frame for the roof is going in. Everything seems to be progressing rather nicely. The only hitch so far is a window in the living room that was put in the wrong place. I've been assured that the builder is aware of the mistake and will move it to its correct position.

We've also been informed that the architect has chosen some new colors for the exterior of the homes. We're excited to see the new options as we weren't really crazy about the choices we had several months ago. Once the colors are confirmed, I'll place a swatch up here.

Although concrete is our only flooring option throughout the house, we're looking at upgrading the flooring once the house is finished. The unfinished concrete floors in the more recent builds aren't nearly as nice as the earlier ones. I'm favoring a recycled glass terazzo, but we'll have to see what the budget allows after we buy fencing, more landscaping, an exterior storage building, better appliances, furniture, new light fixtures, new ceiling fans ... you get the idea.


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